How to KNOW and ASK for what you want in a Relationship!

A person who understands their relationship potential is truly EMPOWERED. It is a level of growth that is unparalleled to any other. Our coaching work isn’t about quick fixes, it is about exploring your mind and relationships in an entirely advanced way in order to tap into the happiness and pleasure available to you. My coaching is designed to equip and empower you to maximize your relationship, your pleasure in the bedroom, and your life and business.

I also operate a Lexington, Kentucky based business that provides in-home parties specializing in relationship enhancing products and information.  At Pure Romance, it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.  Our mission has always been to empower women. To give them a safe environment to learn about sexual health and to give them permission to know their bodies, strengthen their romantic relationships, and to encourage open communication with their healthcare providers. It’s these experiences that have made Pure Romance not just a company, but a movement to enhance the lives of women everywhere!

Bridal Bliss Classic

SO MUCH FUN!  I was a little hesitant to go to “this kind” of party, but it was totally different than what I expected.  Games, contests, and of course… great products!  I don’t know that I’ve laughed as much or learned as much in the same day.  I booked my own party the same night.  I’m thinking about a Wine and Chocolate theme.  My friends aren’t going to know what hit them.  Thanks, Rachel!

Jessica R.

pure romance by rachel

My party with Pure Romance by Rachel was a blast!  I got to have a great girl’s night out with some of my best friends while learning about some very interesting products.  I was impressed with how much time Rachel spent educating our group.  Two tips:  1. Choose a creative theme (We went with a Fifty Shades theme.)  2. Get yourself the Coochy shave cream and Shave for your man (He won’t be sorry you did!)  Thanks, Rachel!

Sarah S.