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What is Pure Romance?

What is pure romance?Pure Romance has been getting a lot of buzz lately in Kentucky and the surrounding areas.  With the company growing by leaps and bounds -and a national advertising campaign- more and more girls are asking the question: “What is Pure Romance?”

Pure Romance is an in-home party company exclusively for women which offers an extensive line of bath and beauty products, lubricants, and bedroom accessories for relationship enhancement.  We are currently the nation’s leading and fastest-growing woman-to-woman direct sellers of relationship products. Pure Romance continues to raise the bar with fresh designs, production of high-quality products, unique packaging as well as commitment to providing a safe and comfortable environment for our Consultants and customers.

Pure Romance products are not sold in stores but may be purchased at in-home parties or through a network of independent sales consultants.  That’s where I come in!  I am an advanced consultant focusing on Central Kentucky.  Lexington, Nicholasville, Versailles, Georgetown- you are all in my backyard.

Hosting a Pure Romance party is fun, easy… and FREE!  At your Pure Romance party I will come to your house and provide a night of unforgettable fun for you and your girlfriends.  From innovative ways to spice up your relationship to sexual health information that you wished you learned a long time ago, a Pure Romance party is anything but typical.  And unlike shopping at a store or online, your guests will be able to learn exactly how each product work and how it can enhance your most intimate moments.  The best part? Ordering is confidential so your guests can ask questions and shop in private.

Love a shopper’s-high? That feeling you get when you score a great deal? Then you’ll love the rewards you’ll get when you host a party. You’ll receive a hostess gift and 10% of your party’s total sales in credit towards products on your wish list!

Are you ready to host a Pure Romance party of your own?  Contact me today!

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