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Bachelorette Party Drink Idea

Thinking of scheduling a Pure Romance Bachelorette Party?  GREAT IDEA!  These parties can be a lot to handle as far as planning  for food, drinks, and entertainment… so let your professional Pure Romance Consultant take care of the entertainment for you!  PLUS, a Pure Romance party is free, fun, and you can get some great hostess rewards and gifts to give to your bachelorette (or keep ’em for yourself, I won’t tell!)

I do A TON of bachelorette parties in the Lexington, Kentucky area, and I have lots of fun ideas for themes, decor, and even drinks to get your party started.  Check out this video for the “Mai Tai the Knot” cocktail.  It’s quick, easy, and delicious!  All it takes is a little dark rum, some amaretto, orange juice, pineapple juice, a splash of grenadine, and a little sugar around the rim of the glass.  Your guests will love it!

Pure Romance Bachelorette PartyWhy are Pure Romance parties perfect for your bachelorette last night as a single woman?  Pure Romance parties are informative and fun!  Most women that attend a Pure Romance Party go in with with unique expectations and leave feeling that they have been “educated, empowered, and entertained.”  No matter what you expect from a Pure Romance Party, here are the basics that you can count on.

First, hosting a party is easy, free, and fun!  After contacting a professional consultant, she will work with you to coordinate scheduling, planning, and inviting your friends.  You decide where and when you will host the party, and who you want to invite.  You can even choose a theme!  The best part is, as hostess, you will receive gifts and rewards from your consultant based on the party returns.  The more successful your party is, the bigger your FREE shopping spree rewards are!

During the demonstration, you will be able to feel, touch, and taste most of what Pure Romance has to offer.  It’s so much more fun than ordering from photos in a catalog and allows time for questions you may have about the products. A party normally lasts around three hours and includes a professional presentation of our products, games, and time for questions.  All of our consultants and extensively trained, and focus on educating our clients.  While we love to have fun, Pure Romance is very professional and classy.  From your wildest friend, to your shyest, we work hard to make every woman comfortable at our presentations.

After the demonstration, your guests are invited to order any products they want.  All shopping is 100% confidential. It takes place in a private room, separate from the party and the rest of the guests. Your Pure Romance Consultant can answer any questions you have about the products, and she will keep your complete confidence.  Most Consultants carry a large inventory to each party so customers can take their purchases home that night. If your Consultant does not have a product in stock, she will deliver your order directly to you within 7 to 10 business days.

Are you ready to book your very own Pure Romance Party?  Click here to contact me NOW!  Or maybe you’ve been to a party before and want to become your own boss?  Click here to JOIN MY TEAM!

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