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Kentucky Derby Mint Julep

It’s not always easy being a Texas girl living in Kentucky… but Springtime in the Bluegrass is beautiful!  And with the beginning of May, we get one of Kentucky’s most famous events, the Kentucky Derby.  Check out this video for a great, easy party drink- the Kentucky Derby Mint Julep.

Celebrating your love of the ponies and all things Bluegrass is really easy.  All you will need is a glass (preferably a silver julep cup), fresh mint, simple syrup, crushed ice, and your favorite fine Kentucky Bourbon.  Watch the video for details on mixing and serving this Derby favorite.

On a side note- my husband was very excited to come home to some freshly made mint juleps!  As a Kentucky native and lover of bourbon, he was impressed by how well this simple recipe turned out.  Keep this one basic.  Lots of people put effort into making their mint julep recipe unique and usually end up ruining it.  Just mix this one up, sit back, relax, and sip in the spring weather!

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