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Christmas Party Cocktails

What goes well with adult themed parties?  Adult themed drinks!  And there is no better time than the holidays to spice up a party with a few themed recipes that will make your Christmas one to remember.  I’ve selected a few of my favorites to help you keep your Holiday Pure Romance Party or Christmas with the family “merry and bright!”

This “Santa Baby” cocktail uses cherry and orange flavors with a little (or a lot) of brandy to keep you sane and a little less sober when your crazy aunt wearing a holly wreath around her neck starts pinching your cheeks and telling you about how cute you were when you were little.

The “Christmas Snowball” is perfect to garnish with a candy cane (and looks a bit like a milkshake.)  It utilizes Irish cream, raspberry flavored liqueur, and grenadine to help you power your way through a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation marathon.  In the words of the great Clark Griswold- “Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned, family Christmas.  No, no.  We are all in this together!”

Baby, it’s cold outside!  Put on a few extra layers with this Layered Christmas Jello Shots Cocktail.  It takes a little more work and skill, but jello shots are a perfect match for any Holiday Pure Romance party!  To quote the Grinch- “Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store.  Maybe, Christmas, perhaps… means a little bit more.”  I like to think that he meant adding a bit more vodka to the recipe, but you can make your own call on this one.

Need more Pure Romance Party Theme ideas?  We’ve got you covered.  My team of girls has a vast library of ideas to make any Girls Night Out amazing!  If you are ready to see all of the Pure Romance line and have an amazing time with friends – just book your very own Pure Romance party!  I am in the Lexington, Kentucky area and have a few open dates for the next couple of months.  Contact me asap to get your preferred date on the books.  Parties are free, fun, educational, and my hostesses earn some AWESOME rewards!  Who knows… you may even want to become your own boss and join my team.



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Make Your Pure Romance Party a Success

Pure Romance Party

​Alright, ladies! So you’ve got your Pure Romance girls’ night reserved and now what??? It’s simple, just follow these guidelines & I’ll help you host the BEST girls’ night ever!

1) First up …. Pick a fun theme! Whether you are looking to have your guests dress up or just want to set the party mood, themes help set your Pure Romance party apart and get your guests engaged & excited.

Open some wine, bake some brownies, and – VOILA – Wine & Chocolate party! Celebrating a birthday? Your Pure Romance party is a GREAT excuse to get your girls together and spoil the birthday girl!

Or maybe you’re looking for something a bit… different?

One of my favorite themes is Wine & Wigs – nothing says ‘party’ like donning some crazy wigs! Even *I* wear one for the demo! And you’re too never old for a Pajama Party! Make a contest out of which girl wears the silliest/sexiest/craziest pj’s & order in pizza.

I provide all my hostesses with a list of ideas but feel free to come up with your own themes!

2) Create your guest list!
The most successful parties have at least 10 – 12 women in attendance. In addition, invite about 20 other women since only one third of invited guests will usually attend. Can’t think of who you know? Fill out my form of 40 Guests in 4 Minutes to help! Ask your guests to bring friends (the more, the merrier!) for bonus entries to WIN PRIZES at the party!

3) Use invitations!
Social media is easy buuuuuuut….TRUST ME, if you want friends partying with you, CALL to personally invite & send them a paper or email invitation. Just send me your address list and I’ll gladly mail & email invites for you! Facebook has its place – and I do use it for party events – but the majority of your guests will never see the notifications so contact them *directly* to be sure they’re in the know about your upcoming girls’ event!

4) Outside orders
Wanna earn EXTRA goodies from me?!? Ask all of your guests that won’t be in attendance to help you earn everything on your wishlist! Collect orders before your party to count towards your FREE shopping spree and earn an additional $40 from me to shop with. Your guests can submit orders to the hostess or they can shop privately online 24/7 at

5) Let’s get social!

I like to create a custom facebook event page for all of my hostesses, complete with a custom banner!  Get social and be active on your facebook pages and twitter.  We want all of your guests to be as excited about your party as you are.  And of course, you should definitely like my facebook page to stay updated on all of our fun Pure Romance events and promos:

​There is nothing quite like a GREAT girls night in! Just follow my Pure Romance hostess road map and you’ll be on the way to your amazing party destination!

Not on my party schedule yet? Contact me TODAY for available party dates!​