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Excuses we make…to deny ourselves of FUN!

pure romance excusesI’ve heard them all. Some are very legitimate, I get that. But most are simply about women stepping a little bit outside of their comfort zone and allowing themselves to have a night of FUN! I have to ask… why do we make excuses that deny us of that experience?

I’ve been running my own Pure Romance business full time for over a year now. (Yup, that’s right. I quit a full time job as an advertising executive to do PR full time!)  I provide in-home parties for adult women – an ultimate girls’ night, of sorts. My party schedule stays booked.  Most women are so excited to have a Girls’ Night In that they wouldn’t miss it!  And if something does pop up, I can usually reschedule parties within a relatively short time frame.

But some girls get cold feet.  They won’t allow themselves to schedule a party or book a party and then talk themselves out of it.  It frustrates me, not because they cancelled a party, but because these hardworking women won’t allow themselves JUST ONE NIGHT OF FUN.  And they deserve it- or worse – they NEED it.

So now I’m on a crusade.  To make sure you get to have your Girls’ Night In, I’ve compiled a list of my top 7 excuses women use to deny themselves.  And I’m going to BLOW THEM UP.

Top 7 excuses women make to deny themselves of fun.

Life is just too busy right now.

I have to agree with you.  We women are always busy.  We take care of the kids, and hold jobs, and maintain the house… it never ends.  But that is exactly why you need JUST ONE NIGHT to yourself, with your friends, to cut loose and just be you!  I make it easy for you.  You provide the place and the people.  I’ll do the rest.  I bring the party (the games, the awesome products) and I will even coach you along the way with party themes, drink ideas, and easy ways to get your friends to attend.

My friends are too conservative.

I hear this one a lot.  Would it surprise you to know that a large part of my customer base is with conservative, Christian ladies?  I live in the Bible belt, so yeah 🙂 I want you to have a rockin’ party and Pure Romance can give you that… along with some education, empowerment, and entertainment!  My presentation is fun, tastefully presented, and for adult women only. You will learn things about your body that you didn’t know.  You WILL have fun!  You won’t be embarrassed or exposed to anything “unhealthy.” When we wrap up the show, all shopping takes place in a one-on-one, private setting & everything is confidential so only YOU know what goodies are going home with you!

My house isn’t big enough to have a party.

All I need is a space large enough for a small table, and a private space for ordering after the presentation is done.  That’s it.  Don’t have a table?  Flip over a cardboard box and gather some friends around!  You’d be surprised how many girls we can pack into a “too small” space. Still don’t think the area is big enough? Then ask a girlfriend if she’d be willing to offer up her place for the party & she can be your co-host. Have her pool her friends with yours and you both get hostess rewards!

My kids take all of my time.

Kids are definitely a lot of work.  You deserve a break.  Get a babysitter (pool money with your other mommy girlfriends so they can come to your party too!) or send your partner out with the kids for a few hours.  They will come back home to a much happier version of you!

My partner won’t approve.

He knows you’re not going to an orgy, right? Many have no idea what to think when someone says they’re attending a “sex toy party” and the imaginations start to run w-i-l-d!  Pure Romance is founded on the belief that every woman should have the tools to become the best version of herself in order to foster healthy relationships… and that knowledge & confidence carries over into intimacy as well. Pure Romance is SO MUCH MORE than just bedroom accessories. We have an amazing line of bath and beauty products, fun foreplay and massage items.  Give him a gift from our men’s bath line.  He’ll love the way he smells and feels!  I encourage couples to look over the catalog together and contact me with any questions or if needing suggestions. And he’s welcome to join you in the shopping room at the party after the show!

I can’t get that many people together.

I hear this one way too often from people who are active on Facebook and social media.  This is an easy one.  I will create a private Facebook event for your party.  Invite all of your friends to the event – don’t forget to include your hairdresser, aunts, book club, etc, and ask them to bring friends with them!  Plus, if you provide addresses, I will mail customized party invitations for you.  All you have to do is be active on the private Facebook party page so your guests are engaged (we know you spend lots of time on Facebook anyway.)  Call people, text them, email them.  If you book it, they will come!

I don’t have any money.

Remember, it’s always free to have your very own Pure Romance girls’ night!  As the hostess, you will receive gifts and rewards from your consultant based on the party returns.  The more successful your party is, the bigger your FREE shopping spree rewards are! So what are you waiting for? Let’s grab a handful of your closest girlfriends and party!!

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