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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

valentine's day gift ideas for men


Looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men?  It can be a tricky thing depending upon your level of attachment to the man in your life…  While men claim to be simple creatures, their personal tastes and the value that society places on this particular holiday can make for a real headache. I’ve consulted with a few experts (my husband and his friends) to find what men really want for Valentine’s Day.  Whether for THE ONE, or a friend with benefits, or a guy you just started dating, we’ve got a few ideas you can’t go wrong with.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

For the Man-Scaper:

Pure Romance Legend ShaveMy husband highly recommends the Pure Romance line of men’s products.  Shave, Wash, Spray, and Talc are all simply named so those cavemen of ours can figure out what to do with them.  The hubs absolutely swears by Shave and particularly prefers the Legend scent.  I really like the Signature scent as well, but Legend seems to suit him well.  Keep him smooth with Shave, clean with Wash shower gel, smelling like a man with Spray scented deodorizing body spray, and dry in those nether regions with Talc.  He’ll thank you.  Promise.

For the Writer:

valentine's day ideas for menField Notes are perfect for the office or for jotting notes on the fly.  These pocket-sized notebooks are perfectly suited for the man on the go and are not just any pad of paper. Featuring waterproof orange covers and convenient graph printed paper, he’ll love the Field Notes design so much, you might want to pick up a double batch.

For the Whiskey Connoisseur:

bourbonThe Woodford Reserve  Four Wood Selection is a Kentucky Bourbon crafted from a unique batching of mature bourbon, matured in American Oak Wood, that has been finished in barrels made from Maple Wood, Sherry Wood and Port Wood.  Blah, blah, blah.  All I know is that my hubs and his friends really wanted to get their hands on this.  Whether served neat or on ice, your man will be sure to savor this one slowly and completely.

For the Snazzy Dresser:

valentine's day ideas for menEvery once in a while he’s gonna get cleaned up and dressed well.  Like, James Bond well.  I love a man in a well-fitted suit and I know you do too.  Add to the ensemble with a pair of cufflinks supporting his favorite team.  Most teams are pretty easy to find and are a very tasteful way of starting conversations at black-tie events.  Plus, it costs way less than a high-end Swiss watch or Aston Martin with an ejection seat.

For the Businessman/Indiana Jones:

messenger bagHe may work in the office, but secretly he wants to be packing around artifacts and a bullwhip. Meet him in the middle with a leather messenger bag.  You can find find some rustic looking distressed leathers that still function at the office and look very professional.  Plus, most of them have plenty of room for crystal  skulls and whatnot that he may go searching for on the weekend.

They really like Liquor, don’t they:

stonecubesFor the guy who appreciates the finer things in life (i.e. whiskey), this giant ice cube tray is a safe bet. These 2 inch cubes were designed to cool his drink, without watering it down by offering a convenient sized ice cube — small enough to fit nicely in an old fashioned cocktail glass.


For when you are out of town:

Pure Romance Secret ServiceOh, those long, lonely nights without you.  What’s a guy to do?  Don’t leave them up to their own devices.  Haven’t you seen movies about trips to Vegas?  Boys get into trouble when we aren’t around to keep them firmly grounded.  Pure Romance’s Secret Service vibrating male sleeve has  30-speeds to keep any man safe, secure, and oh-so happy!  It has a suction cup so it could be secured to a shower wall (it’s also waterproof) for hands-free fun.  The interior is lined with soft “ticklers” for unique sensations.

Forget the men, I wanna pamper myself!

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