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For the Man in Your Life

Get him the scent you can’t resist! Our new Men’s Signature Line is a clean, bold scent with cool herbal and woody notes, plus just a hint of citrus to keep it fresh.

WASH is the new Men’s Scented Shower Gel.  Life is dirty. Boys are tough enough to take it, of course—but sometimes, what they really need is a good scrub-down. Add more power to their morning shower with a cleansing body wash that energizes with its fresh scent.

You can probably guess what SHAVE is used for… Help your man shave like a man! Our scented shave cream glides on smooth and defends against razor bumps like a 7-footer protecting the rim.

SPRAY is the new scented deodorant spray that rides shotgun while you embark on epic conquests. A mere spray casts a halo of swagger around your man that no woman can resist.

TALC is a men’s scented talcum powder.  When the stakes are high and the pressure is on, how do you respond? Do you shrink from the moment or do you step up? Talc helps you keep your cool when the heat is on so you don’t break a sweat.

Ready to make your man YOUR MAN?  Get in touch with me!

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