Bath and Beauty

Body Dew by Pure Romance

Pure Romance Body DewLet’s face it girls.  No matter what we do, we can never go too many days without shaving our legs.  It can be a hassle to try to shave every time we shower, and yet if we go more than a day or two our legs will turn into a dangerous form of sandpaper.  Our men don’t love snuggling up close to pokie legs and we don’t exactly feel sexy and confident when our stems are furry do we?  You’ve heard me rant and rave about Coochy Shave Cream- now let me tell you about it’s perfect match- Body Dew by Pure Romance!

Coochy and Body Dew are a perfect match.  Think cheese and macaroni.  Or chocolate and strawberries.  Good as individuals, better as a duo.  I’ve been using both religiously since my first day as a Pure Romance Consultant.  Of course, you would expect me to use my own products and speak highly of them- but let me tell you- THEY WORK!

Body Dew is an after bath oil mist spray.  It keeps your dry skin hydrated and moisturized and it feels AWESOME!  Healthy, moisturized skin looks great and feels years younger.  This gentle moisturizer is infused with beneficial sweet almond oil to help rejuvenate damaged skin  Just a quick spritz after each shower (and definitely after each shave) will make your skin feel softer than ever.  Plus, it makes you smell like a bakery, and the boys don’t seem to hate that…

If you would like to give Body Dew a try- you can contact me directly.  I always have it in stock.  It is currently available in four scents: Exotic Escape, Sweet Fantasie, Pink Cupcake, and Radiant Orchid.  You can also purchase it directly from my website here: Pure Romance Body Dew

And don’t forget to try Coochy Shave Cream or Body Silk Skin Moisturizer as well.

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