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Bourbon Chase Necessities

photo (7)I completed my second Bourbon Chase journey this last weekend.  While it may sound like some sort of pub crawl with lots of whisky, it’s actually a 200 mile relay race across Kentucky following the Bourbon Trail.  You read that right.  Teams of runners pushing through 200 miles of open roads in about 30 hours.  A little bit of crazy, a lot of fun… and Pure Romance had a few Bourbon Chase necessities that I couldn’t have survived without.

First, a confession.  I didn’t actually run in the 2014 Bourbon Chase.  I contributed as a driver for our team due to a hip injury.  My husband ran, and I wanted to be a part of our great team.  Second, a little background about the BC- 200 miles, 2 vans with 6 runners in each, 30 straight hours, everything you need must be contained in the van.  Bourbon Chase is a fun event, but definitely an endurance event that should never be taken lightly.   Plus, the weather wasn’t cooperative, with rain and chilly temperatures throughout the entire event.

Luckily for me, I had some Pure Romance gear with me to help me get through 30 straight hours of rain, lack of sleep, and 6 sweaty human beings trapped in a van with me.  You don’t exactly feel like your sexy self in this type of situation…

Pure Romance Body DewI took some Body Dew to keep my legs and arms soft and smooth.  The cold and rain had my skin feeling dry and a little itchy.  Body Dew keeps even the driest skin happily hydrated and feeling years younger. This gentle moisturizer is infused with beneficial sweet almond oil.  Just a little spritz was enough to reinvigorate my skin to get through 30 hours of exposure to the elements.

Pure Romance Between the SheetsI also packed a must for runners (and apparently for drivers)- Between the Sheets.  Between the Sheets is a powder-based spray that adds a majestic scent anywhere you spritz it. Between the Sheets absorbs moisture, putting an end to irritation on your skin from damp or wet clothes.  As a runner, I would spray a little in my shorts before a race.  As a driver, I sprayed some in the legs of my pants to stay comfy, and a little inside my jacket to stay sexy and fresh!

There is no denying that a key component of sexy is staying fresh.  Pure Romance has some great products for you athlete girls out there.  Wanna give some a try?  Get in touch with me today to get your own!

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