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Why Choose Silicone for Sex Toys?

silicone sex toys





The toys you can bring into your bedroom are endless.  They vary greatly in shape, size, function, AND material.  While it can be fun to experiment with differing contours and textures and vibrations, the quality of your toys shouldn’t be left to chance.  Don’t overlook the material that your toys are made of. The material that you choose may make the difference between a toy that lasts and one that gets tossed as a quick fling.  Why choose silicone for sex toys?  Read on to find out.

As you browse through the awesome Pure Romance catalog, you may notice that many of the higher-priced items are made from silicone.  Silicone is the standard in our industry for high-end sex toy materials.  The science behind this material is vast and thorough.  While I could tell you about it’s inception in 1901, its official name polydiphenylsiloxane, or that it’s covalent bonding creates a hydrophobic waterproof coating, it may be more interesting to you why a silicone toy is well worth the extra money.

Silicone loves your body temperature.

Silicone toys quickly warm to match your body temperature, so anywhere they touch will feel just right. Silicone also maintains that temperature longer than other materials, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the moment.

Silicone is non-irritating.

Silicone is a prized hypoallergenic material. That’s one of the reasons why it is used in so many cosmetics and personal products.  This also makes it a great product for people with sensitive skin or allergies.  Silicone has very low toxicity, and low chemical reactivity, so you can enjoy your toys without fear of an allergic response.

Silicone is durable.

You want your investment to last. Silicone toys are made for the long haul.  And to ensure your toy can go the distance, use only water-based lubricants or Pure Romance’s specialty toy lubricant, Simply Silk.

Silicone is clean.

Silicone sex toys are perfect for good clean fun. That’s because their non-porous surfaces are easy to clean. Silicone creates watertight seals, repels water and liquids, and will not support microbial or bacterial growth. To keep your toys clean and functional, be sure to clean your toy before you use it and after.  Pure Romance even offers the perfect cleaning product for you – Come Clean.

Silicone is soft and smooth.

Silicone is a perfect material to come in contact with our most sensitive areas.  It is a very soft, smooth material.  It can even be described as velvety. This texture is perfect for transmitting vibration, making every pulse feel that much more thrilling.

But don’t take my word for it—try it for yourself!  If you have any questions about a Pure Romance product, CALL ME!  Of course, the best way to see all of the great products we offer is by booking your very own Pure Romance Party!  Click here to contact me NOW!  Or maybe you’ve been to a party before and want to become your own boss?  Click here to JOIN MY TEAM!

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