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2015 Founder’s Kit Sale

unnamed copyThe 2015 Founder’s Kit Sale, (also known as THE BIGGEST KIT SALE OF THE YEAR) kicks off TODAY, Dec 16th, at 12:00PM EST and if you blink, you might just miss it!  This Founder’s Day sale offers up starter kits for 75% OFF and they usually sell out in 24-48 hours.  Seriously. We’ve broken the corporate website every time.  If you’ve ever thought about joining Pure Romance and taking control of your own destiny – now is the time!

And what better time to start your business than right before the huge January product launch & just in time for those ​New ​Year​’s resolutions. (You keep all of those resolutions, right?)

Work Pure Romance full time, part-time, or any time! YOU are the boss so you set the hours! Have a family function and can’t party next weekend? That’s cool. Party during the week when you’re free. Wanna have some extra cash for your vacation? Easy. Collect some customer orders & go hang with some fun girls while earning some dough. Decided you’d rather work for yourself and have full control instead of in an office working towards someone else’s dream?? Hello, welcome to my world. I quit my full time job at an advertising agency & couldn’t be happier!

Here are a few thing you may be thinking…

  • “But I don’t have any money!”​ — Right, and this is the problem I’m going to help you fix. Our average consultant earns $250 PER PARTY ​in ​profit.
  • “But I don’t have any time!” — Well, good. Because you only have to do $200 in sales every 60 days to stay active, which is one party a month.
  • “But I don’t know anyone!” — Totally fixable. Do you want to go through your whole life not knowing people, not making connections? Or do you want me to show you ways to use your business to connect with your community and get involved?
  • “But what if I’m not good at it?” — Then you stop doing it ​, write your kit purchase off on taxes,​ and ​use all the goodies in your kit ​to smell like a pheromone​-y goddess until it all runs out and then you host a party and I get you more for free.
  • “But what if I can’t book parties?” — Our parties are ACTUAL parties with actual laughs and a presentation & interaction. They’re fun to host, you can ask my customers​. You’ll be okay.​
Trying to figure out which kit is best for you?  
Pick the biggest starter kit you can comfortably afford right now! You can be successful with any of the kits. The smallest one requires less investment up front, but you will pay more in the long term as you will have a lower buying discount & have fewer items for​ your demonstration. Our most popular business kits are larger investments, but they allow for quicker profit earning! The Deluxe kit is the BEST VALUE and allows you to have items for your demo table AND inventory to sell, all while earning your kit price back faster with your 45% buying discount. The Premium kit contains lots of inventory so you’ll be well-equipped for your first parties and it also earns you a 45% buying discount.
Pure Romance Founder Kit Sale
LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN FOR YOU. What could an extra $200 a month do for you? What about $200 a week? Or maybe $1,000 a week? Take charge of your earning potential & don’t let anyone else determine YOUR worth.

 Are your ready to take control of your life?  Wanna get paid to party?  Let’s talk!  Who knows… you may even want to become your own boss and join my team.


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