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Winter 2016 Product Launch

bath-winter.pngJanuary is always a busy season for Pure Romance consultants and this past Sunday, Jan 3rd, kicked off the month with the Winter 2016 launch! Team Pink Cupcakes gathered for our monthly team meeting & to watch the live product launch taking place in Atlanta. ​Everyone was so excited! ​The winter launch is usually one of the year’s biggest and this one didn’t disappoint! ​In fact, the consultants were so excited about the launch that we BROKE THE WEBSITE rushing to place our orders immediately following the broadcast. HA. ​And that, my friends, is how you know we’re passionate about what we do!

Adding to the already amazing line of bath products, we’ve got a limited edition scent called Winter Fantasie. Think candied fruit & frosted limes – our customers will LOVE it. Some of our customers’ favorite kissable products have also rolled out in new tasty flavors. Imagine juicy peaches, ripe berries, & crisp apples! Mouth starts watering just thinking about it, right?  We also have THREE new premium, limited edition love enhancements that are sure to bring some spark into the bedroom! Want to see what I’m talking about? Then you’d better book your own girls’ night in because these beauties aren’t available online!


And I tell you what, you’re pretty dang lucky if you took advantage of my Product Tester program!! These girls had SO many fun items to choose from & review.  ​Any of my VIP customers had the option to select up to (3) of the new items for 40% OFF (um, hello. That’s like getting your goodies at a starting consultant’s rate!!) and THEN getting 25% off anything else on their order!  My girls were LOVING it.  ​I can’t wait to hear their feedback.  Not only does it make the girls happy, but it allows me to ​improve my presentation using unbiased reviews & testimonials and sending information on to corporate for future use.

If you are ready to see all of the Pure Romance line and have an amazing time with friends – just book your very own Pure Romance party!  I am in the Lexington, Kentucky area and have a few open dates for the next couple of months.  Contact me asap to get your preferred date on the books.  Parties are free, fun, educational, and my hostesses earn some AWESOME rewards!  Who knows… you may even want to become your own boss and join my team.

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