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Pure Romance Truly Sexy Products

Truly Sexy PerfumeIt’s been said that the sexiest thing someone can have is confidence.  If there is a singular thing that we try to do at Pure Romance, it’s to instill that sense of confidence in EVERY woman we come in contact with.  Truly Sexy is the signature fragrance from Pure Romance Founder and Chairwoman Patty Brisben containing pheromones and dazzling fragrance notes so you feel Truly Sexy.  Feminine and bold, a spritz of Truly Sexy will give you the confidence to turn heads.

I have worn the Truly Sexy Perfume several times over the last few weeks and get compliments every time I put it on.  My husband LOVES it.  It just smells so unique – like it is clean but spicy and sexy at the same time.  It’s also great because it lasts all day – I spritz it on in the morning and will still be getting compliments at dinner.

The Truly Sexy signature scent goes way beyond just perfume…  Pure Romance has infused the scent into Body Silk Skin Moisturizer, Splash energizing Body Wash, and Exscape Relaxing Bubble Bath.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to test this scent or these products, you are missing out!  Contact me now to request a sample.  Or even better… BOOK A PARTY!  I bring a huge selection of products (and a ton of fun) to every party I do so you and your guests will see the best of what Pure Romance has to offer.  Nothing is as fun as touching, smelling, and tasting some of the best products out there.  Nothing is as rewarding as experiencing the confidence that the same products will instill in you.

Excape Truly SexyExcape Truly Sexy:  Excape from stress! Sink into a tub of sweet-scented foaming bath bubbles, rejuvenate your spirit, and let the day’s cares float away.



Truly Sexy PerfumeTruly Sexy: Feminine and bold, one spritz of Truly Sexy will boost your confidence and turn heads. This signature fragrance from Pure Romance Founder and Chairwoman, Patty Brisben, is all you need to feel Truly Sexy.



Body Silk Truly SexyBody Silk Truly Sexy: A body crème made with oils, shea butter and sugar to relax the skin, Body Silk leaves you with skin that feels as soft as satin and smells as sweet as a decadent dessert.



Splash Truly SexySplash Truly Sexy: Add a sexy Splash to your morning ritual! Turn your shower into a purifying spa treatment with this pH-balanced body wash.