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Growing Old Together

An amazing video has been taking over the internet lately, showing a young couple about to say their vows what they will look like as they age over 60 years with incredibly life-like makeup and prosthetics.  While the physical transformation is mesmerizing, the real effect of the video is in watching the couple fall in love over and over again as they imagine growing old together.  Get your tissues ready… I dare you not to shed tears over this one.

A group on YouTube called FieldDay gives this cute young couple an extreme makeover, aging them from their 20’s, to their 50’s, to their 70’s, and into their 90’s.  The emotional changes these two go through seeing each other in these different age states is BEAUTIFUL.  And the stereotypes that they discuss and imagine their lives will entail at each age is insightful and funny!  Both partners are entertained about how the male ages less gracefully along the way (his eyebrows are quite entertaining.)  It is also very interesting how seeing each other at different ages causes them to even imagine stories that may happen in their lives along the way.

These are real people, experiencing real emotions, about imaginary aging.  And their thoughts about their last words to each other will warm your heart and break it at the same time.  Prepare yourself.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you to bring tissues.

This is one of my favorite things I have seen on the internet lately.  In a digital world filled with screaming goats, laser cats, and Kardashians, it’s refreshing to find something insightful, beautiful, and thought provoking.

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