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Pure Romance Kit Sale

pure romance kit saleI LOVE MY JOB!  Maybe it’s because I’m the boss.  Could it be because I get to set my own schedule?  Or maybe it’s because I get to decide how much I earn?  Perhaps it’s because I was able to quit my regular full-time job to pursue working from home?  How about ALL OF THE ABOVE?  My Pure Romance team is growing.  I want YOU to join my winning team and NOW is the time to create the life you want with a HUGE Pure Romance kit sale going on April 1st through April 20th!

join pure romancePure Romance kit sales don’t happen everyday.  If you have ever thought about doing what I do, this kit sale is the time to take the leap and make your life how you want it!  Here are the details:   This is a pre-order kit special available April 1st 2015 through April 20th 2015 ONLY. Kits will be sold to new consultants at 60% off + an additional 30% off.  That means you can purchase the $1200 Deluxe Kit for just $335!  Or jump in with both feet like I did and purchase the $2700 premium kit for only $755!

PLUS, the first 1,500 new Consultants to join will get a 60% buying discount through May 31, 2015! These kits will ship with the new products on April 24, 2015 – but the increased buying discount starts immediately!

join pure romanceIt’s been said that life isn’t about finding yourself, but creating yourself.  At Pure Romance, we believe every woman should have the opportunity to create the life of her dreams.  To earn the income she deserves.  Our team is an AMAZING group of women that wants you to succeed.  We will help educate and train you (along with professional training from the corporate office) to get you up and running.  No experience is required- just the desire to take control of your potential!

Have questions?  I did.  Contact me NOW and let’s have a conversation over a cup of coffee.  I’m in the Lexington, Kentucky area and have an expanding network of awesome women throughout the Bluegrass region.  Or click this link to learn more about Pure Romance and how you can be your own boss!  Are you ready to JOIN PURE ROMANCE RIGHT NOW?  Click this link to become your own boss today!

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Team Pink Cupcakes

team pink cupcakes pure romanceI know that this post is really late, but I was going through some pictures and found this gem from about a month ago.  This is just a tiny snippet of the awesome group of girls that make up team Pink Cupcakes, and guest star “Cardboard Standup” Darryl from the Walking Dead.  (He’s the one with the Santa hat.)  These beautiful women are just one of the reasons that I joined and thrive in Pure Romance.  THANK YOU to all of the girls that make this company AWESOME!

Want to join our team and become your own boss?  Want your office meetings to look less like a board room and more like a living room?  YOU NEED TO TALK TO ME!