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Team Building at Pinot’s Palette

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How can you improve a blank canvass and some paint to express your creativity with?  Add wine.  Still want to improve the awesomeness?  Add some great Pure Romance consultants. Let the hilarity and artistic creation ensue!  Pure Romance’s Team Pink Cupcakes met at Pinot’s Palette in Lexington, Kentucky to enjoy some team building fun… we think even Michaelangelo would be proud!

pinot's palette lexingtonEveryone has their own reasons for joining Pure Romance.  Achieving those goals is a great feeling, but there are a lot of bonuses that you get from your team that make you LOVE THIS JOB.  Team Pink Cupcakes is AWESOME!  These girls make me laugh, and keep me motivated and informed to grow my business while HAVING FUN!  The team aspect of Pure Romance is amazing, and the friendships that are created are priceless.

Team leaders in the Lexington, Kentucky area decided to reward our family of consultants for outstanding work with a trip to Pinot’s Palette.  I chose to reward my consultants for recruiting goals.  This trip offered a relaxed, fun environment, & expert guidance from a local artist to help awaken the artistic ability that we didn’t realize we had.  (I’m still not sure I have this ability, but my husband loves the painting I created all the same!)  Pinot’s Palette provided the art supplies, and the wine accessories, all we had to bring was the fun!  We even got to personalize our paintings with a little Pure Romance motivation!

pure romance by rachelPure Romance is fun.  The parties we provide are great entertainment and are also very educational for all of the women in attendance.  So THANK YOU to everyone that supports my business and Pure Romance as a whole.  I LOVE THIS JOB and all of the things it allows me to be a part of everyday.  If you are ready to make a change and become your own boss and love your job and team as much as I do  Click here to JOIN MY TEAM!

Or maybe you just want to test the water and see what all the fuss is about?  Book your very own Pure Romance Party!  Click here to contact me NOW!


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Team Pink Cupcakes

team pink cupcakes pure romanceI know that this post is really late, but I was going through some pictures and found this gem from about a month ago.  This is just a tiny snippet of the awesome group of girls that make up team Pink Cupcakes, and guest star “Cardboard Standup” Darryl from the Walking Dead.  (He’s the one with the Santa hat.)  These beautiful women are just one of the reasons that I joined and thrive in Pure Romance.  THANK YOU to all of the girls that make this company AWESOME!

Want to join our team and become your own boss?  Want your office meetings to look less like a board room and more like a living room?  YOU NEED TO TALK TO ME!