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Strong Women – Meet Molly

Strong is the new sexy.  Don’t take my word for it.  Just take a look around… Crossfit women are a main attraction on major sports networks, Serena Williams (tennis pro) is named 2016 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the year, and Ronda Rousey (UFC Fighter) is set to make her second appearance in SI’s Swimsuit Issue.  What do these women have in common?  They are all examples of women who are successful, beautiful… and not necessarily the physical ideal of sexiness that mainstream media normally pushes into our heads.

Meet Molly.  She is a local Lexington woman who has gone viral by making some social media posts about her body and how she feels about it.  I sort of know Molly, but she doesn’t know me. I’ve seen her at the gym (Lexington Athletic Club) and around my neighborhood out for a run with her significant other.  She’s hard to miss.  She has a very strong physique and a confidence about her that impresses.  Molly posted a picture of herself in a bikini on vacation with the caption “This is my body. This is not a before picture. This is not an after picture. This just happens to be what my body looks like on a random Tuesday in December of 2015 — it’s a life picture. This is a body that loves protein and vegetables and queso and ice cream.”

…And the internet went BONKERS.  This photo and accompanying quote has made it to ABC News, People magazine, Huffington Post, and even the Today Show.  Click here to read an article from the Lexington Herald Leader about Molly.  What’s amazing about Molly is that she is in love with her body.  She is comfortable with the fact her body changes as she moves through life.  And she is happy with that.  She loves who she is and her confidence is proof of that.

Is she what the mainstream media would call “sexiest woman alive?”  Probably not.  But that’s not the point.  She is beautiful in a real way,  a way that can be appreciated by anyone who has the luck to meet her or take one of her classes.  She has a personal training business,, which  offers  strength training packages and an online coaching.  Her business works to teach girls to appreciate their bodies as they are, not as most magazine ads say they should be.

But what about the rest of us? Well, don’t be afraid to take charge of who you are and what you want your body to be. I work hard to eat well, exercise, and empower other women around me.  It’s not always easy, but nothing worth having is.  Will I ever become a supermodel? Umm, no.  But knowing that I’m the best version of myself can bring a level of confidence that unleashes my inner superhero!

So congrats on your achievements, Molly!  You are something that more women should aspire to be – confident, strong, and happy in your own skin!

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Winter 2016 Product Launch

bath-winter.pngJanuary is always a busy season for Pure Romance consultants and this past Sunday, Jan 3rd, kicked off the month with the Winter 2016 launch! Team Pink Cupcakes gathered for our monthly team meeting & to watch the live product launch taking place in Atlanta. ​Everyone was so excited! ​The winter launch is usually one of the year’s biggest and this one didn’t disappoint! ​In fact, the consultants were so excited about the launch that we BROKE THE WEBSITE rushing to place our orders immediately following the broadcast. HA. ​And that, my friends, is how you know we’re passionate about what we do!

Adding to the already amazing line of bath products, we’ve got a limited edition scent called Winter Fantasie. Think candied fruit & frosted limes – our customers will LOVE it. Some of our customers’ favorite kissable products have also rolled out in new tasty flavors. Imagine juicy peaches, ripe berries, & crisp apples! Mouth starts watering just thinking about it, right?  We also have THREE new premium, limited edition love enhancements that are sure to bring some spark into the bedroom! Want to see what I’m talking about? Then you’d better book your own girls’ night in because these beauties aren’t available online!


And I tell you what, you’re pretty dang lucky if you took advantage of my Product Tester program!! These girls had SO many fun items to choose from & review.  ​Any of my VIP customers had the option to select up to (3) of the new items for 40% OFF (um, hello. That’s like getting your goodies at a starting consultant’s rate!!) and THEN getting 25% off anything else on their order!  My girls were LOVING it.  ​I can’t wait to hear their feedback.  Not only does it make the girls happy, but it allows me to ​improve my presentation using unbiased reviews & testimonials and sending information on to corporate for future use.

If you are ready to see all of the Pure Romance line and have an amazing time with friends – just book your very own Pure Romance party!  I am in the Lexington, Kentucky area and have a few open dates for the next couple of months.  Contact me asap to get your preferred date on the books.  Parties are free, fun, educational, and my hostesses earn some AWESOME rewards!  Who knows… you may even want to become your own boss and join my team.

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2015 Founder’s Kit Sale

unnamed copyThe 2015 Founder’s Kit Sale, (also known as THE BIGGEST KIT SALE OF THE YEAR) kicks off TODAY, Dec 16th, at 12:00PM EST and if you blink, you might just miss it!  This Founder’s Day sale offers up starter kits for 75% OFF and they usually sell out in 24-48 hours.  Seriously. We’ve broken the corporate website every time.  If you’ve ever thought about joining Pure Romance and taking control of your own destiny – now is the time!

And what better time to start your business than right before the huge January product launch & just in time for those ​New ​Year​’s resolutions. (You keep all of those resolutions, right?)

Work Pure Romance full time, part-time, or any time! YOU are the boss so you set the hours! Have a family function and can’t party next weekend? That’s cool. Party during the week when you’re free. Wanna have some extra cash for your vacation? Easy. Collect some customer orders & go hang with some fun girls while earning some dough. Decided you’d rather work for yourself and have full control instead of in an office working towards someone else’s dream?? Hello, welcome to my world. I quit my full time job at an advertising agency & couldn’t be happier!

Here are a few thing you may be thinking…

  • “But I don’t have any money!”​ — Right, and this is the problem I’m going to help you fix. Our average consultant earns $250 PER PARTY ​in ​profit.
  • “But I don’t have any time!” — Well, good. Because you only have to do $200 in sales every 60 days to stay active, which is one party a month.
  • “But I don’t know anyone!” — Totally fixable. Do you want to go through your whole life not knowing people, not making connections? Or do you want me to show you ways to use your business to connect with your community and get involved?
  • “But what if I’m not good at it?” — Then you stop doing it ​, write your kit purchase off on taxes,​ and ​use all the goodies in your kit ​to smell like a pheromone​-y goddess until it all runs out and then you host a party and I get you more for free.
  • “But what if I can’t book parties?” — Our parties are ACTUAL parties with actual laughs and a presentation & interaction. They’re fun to host, you can ask my customers​. You’ll be okay.​
Trying to figure out which kit is best for you?  
Pick the biggest starter kit you can comfortably afford right now! You can be successful with any of the kits. The smallest one requires less investment up front, but you will pay more in the long term as you will have a lower buying discount & have fewer items for​ your demonstration. Our most popular business kits are larger investments, but they allow for quicker profit earning! The Deluxe kit is the BEST VALUE and allows you to have items for your demo table AND inventory to sell, all while earning your kit price back faster with your 45% buying discount. The Premium kit contains lots of inventory so you’ll be well-equipped for your first parties and it also earns you a 45% buying discount.
Pure Romance Founder Kit Sale
LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN FOR YOU. What could an extra $200 a month do for you? What about $200 a week? Or maybe $1,000 a week? Take charge of your earning potential & don’t let anyone else determine YOUR worth.

 Are your ready to take control of your life?  Wanna get paid to party?  Let’s talk!  Who knows… you may even want to become your own boss and join my team.


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Christmas Party Cocktails

What goes well with adult themed parties?  Adult themed drinks!  And there is no better time than the holidays to spice up a party with a few themed recipes that will make your Christmas one to remember.  I’ve selected a few of my favorites to help you keep your Holiday Pure Romance Party or Christmas with the family “merry and bright!”

This “Santa Baby” cocktail uses cherry and orange flavors with a little (or a lot) of brandy to keep you sane and a little less sober when your crazy aunt wearing a holly wreath around her neck starts pinching your cheeks and telling you about how cute you were when you were little.

The “Christmas Snowball” is perfect to garnish with a candy cane (and looks a bit like a milkshake.)  It utilizes Irish cream, raspberry flavored liqueur, and grenadine to help you power your way through a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation marathon.  In the words of the great Clark Griswold- “Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned, family Christmas.  No, no.  We are all in this together!”

Baby, it’s cold outside!  Put on a few extra layers with this Layered Christmas Jello Shots Cocktail.  It takes a little more work and skill, but jello shots are a perfect match for any Holiday Pure Romance party!  To quote the Grinch- “Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store.  Maybe, Christmas, perhaps… means a little bit more.”  I like to think that he meant adding a bit more vodka to the recipe, but you can make your own call on this one.

Need more Pure Romance Party Theme ideas?  We’ve got you covered.  My team of girls has a vast library of ideas to make any Girls Night Out amazing!  If you are ready to see all of the Pure Romance line and have an amazing time with friends – just book your very own Pure Romance party!  I am in the Lexington, Kentucky area and have a few open dates for the next couple of months.  Contact me asap to get your preferred date on the books.  Parties are free, fun, educational, and my hostesses earn some AWESOME rewards!  Who knows… you may even want to become your own boss and join my team.



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Look AMAZING in Lingerie!

Lingerie_WebWanna know what one of my hottest selling items has been lately?  It may surprise you… Lingerie!  With a market saturated by large chains specializing in this product, you would imagine that my Pure Romance business wouldn’t do much lingerie volume.  Maybe it’s because us Pure Romance girls know how to make you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.  Read on for tips on how you can looks your best in your least…

Lingerie adds a fun and exciting element to any bedroom encounter- both for the person wearing it AND for the person enjoying the view.  If you really want to get your partner’s temperature to rise, you’ve got to build a closet of lingerie that not only makes you look good, but makes you feel good too.  You can’t just focus on being sexy on the outside, you’ve got to feel sexy and confident on the inside too!

  1. Functional can be FUN!  Unless you are only doing a photo shoot, lingerie needs to be comfortable.  The best pieces of lingerie will be comfortable AND pretty.  If the fit is right, you will look amazing without restricting your movement or breathing.  After all, movement is what you are going for, right?  Make sure that you are getting the right size.  You can use this chart to help figure out the best styles that will fit and flatter your body.  Once you’ve found the fit you love, look for shapes and colors that make you feel the best in your own skin.
  2. Compliment your Assets!  If you’ve ever tried on lingerie in a larger chain store, you know that not all lingerie works for all women.  We are all shaped differently.  And that’s a good thing!  Rest assured that there is a style of lingerie out there that is perfect for you.  Different styles draw attention to different areas of the body, so make sure that you choose a style that highlights the areas of your body that you find the sexiest.  Proud of your luscious curves? Babydoll gowns show off your bust and flatter just about any shape. Think you’ve got an amazing booty? Give your lover a peek of what’s to come with a form-fitting chemise. Considering a jaw-dropping striptease? A black garter slip, revealed after peeling away your everyday layers, can do no wrong. Take this as your lingerie rule of thumb: If you feel amazing, you’ll look amazing, and vice versa!
  3. Put YOURSELF first.  YOU wear the lingerie.  It does not wear you.  If you do not feel sexy and confident in your skimpies, then what is the point?  While it can be a great idea to shop with your significant other and keep their wants in mind, it is most important to please yourself first.  Buy what you love!
  4. CONFIDENT IS SEXY!  Whether you are a guy or a girl… confidence is sexy!  Nothing will boost your confidence like knowing that you look smoking hot in some new lingerie.  This is your time to let your partner know that they hit the jackpot when they met you.  It’s okay to be a little self-conscious, but don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone a bit to show yourself just how amazing you really are.
  5. Don’t make excuses- HAVE FUN!  Don’t talk yourself out of investing in lingerie that will add excitement to your sex life. Too often we hear people second-guess a decision to purchase lingerie because of a fear that it isn’t a wise purchase. Wrong! Good lingerie is an investment in yourself and your confidence … not to mention your sex life!

    Just remember, when you are shopping for lingerie, never forget who you are buying it for! Feeling sexy and confident in every situation is your own personal gift to yourself. Seductive lingerie can give you the chance to feel sexy and bring your wildest fantasies to life. So don’t skimp—allow yourself to treat yourself.

Of course, you could just see all of the Pure Romance line and have an amazing time with friends if you just book your very own Pure Romance party!  I am in the Lexington, Kentucky area and have a few open dates for the next couple of months.  Contact me asap to get your preferred date on the books.  Parties are free, fun, educational, and my hostesses earn some AWESOME rewards!  Who knows… you may even want to become your own boss and join my team.